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Posted: 2nd January 2013 by admin in Other Games
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I don’t know how many people are as tired as me in playing wow? Sometiems I really want to give it up, while I just can’t leave my friends. At that year, some friends had the mind to set up a guild and we thought it was very cool to have our own guild. I don’t know what the reason is, I become the leader of guild. Then guild began to recruit people, prepare and organize. One week later, our guild was set up formally and begun our first task. We were so shabby and couldn’t know how to command at that time. As a result, we invited a player named “happy” to help us. The experience was very bitter. We didn’t have druid and shaman. A lot of things are not clear in my mind already. I only remember the seamount could summon doomguard and silence. Archimonde’s shump BUG, we fell T numberless times. Fire was led into shump and Gram death pointed, we all died in a short time.

Later, our guild becomes stronger and stronger and there are a lot of steady players. We even culd beat dark temple to F4 in one time. But problems also came out at this time, how to distrubute equipment; commander between members’ problem; members’ flow. Anyway, it was in a mass. Someone even threated me by quitting our guild and old members beat new members. Some leaders were not satisfied with the rules in guild. I was very annoyed and under big pressure. But I am gratitude this experience, as I am mature a lot after dealing with these problem. At least, I was not navie than before. Then we got through the dark temple; stepped illidan anger wind under our feet. All the contradictions didn’t bear any more. Remember in that morning, qizai took with his classmates to quit our guild. L also went away. Some players stayed. I still remember the mood at that moment. I thought our guild had gone to an end and so many friends should be separated. I really didn’t have any energy and courage to reforming association. Remember at that time I said my true feeling to general and he promised he must stay with me at the last minute.. At that time i was really touched But it’s good I finally persuaded L and we dismissed the SEVEN and open the sky of domain..

Laterly, everything becomes better slowly and our guild is stronger and stronger. The experience of being leader make me mature a lot. I learnt a lot and make many friends in there. I know how to undertake, command, assign and think for my teammates. Now I only want to be a normal player, just play game for fun.

1. Honor
There are a lot of knights who attack initiatively in wild under current version. A lot of people choose knight just for the power of Coranial. In these knights’ eyes, they only cut. I just want to ask knights who cut little number, do you think you are a Paladin when you weave your knife to a weak little number? Maybe someone say, now that you choose your camp, you must undertake your camp’s honor. What is honor? It is fighting until the last moment, not the bad mind to kill weak number. When someone attacks you, you could strike back severely. The title “Paladin” is an honor. Insisting your faith until the last step, you just deserve the title. At the same time, it is not only knight to attack little number in wild. Fast food knights’ overflowing brings a lot of curse. Every career has its own faith, please don’t stain your title.
2. Humility
I read a lot of words on the internet about knights complain it is not easy to stay in lower coranial. No one ask your download copy; cut by other people in battlefield. No one must work for you. When your punishment is not strong enugh, please change milk knight to download copy. Why give knight 3 talents? Put your location in the right place at every stage, you could enjoy the fun in game, not complain others always.

3. Scrifice
The so-called “scrifice” doesn’t only give a interference when FB damages a group. When the massacre group has arrived in th hall of the king and only you are in there, will you choose turn furnace stone of stand in front of king and fight until the last minute? When only you and a priest are fighting in Okuyama and enemies’ military has came in front of you, but you can’t resist it. If there is no CD, only treatment, will you give it to yourself or priest? The knight’s fame is exchanged by blood. It is silent payment, ibution, protect until the last moment. It is respect for a knight.

4. Bravery

When a strong enemy play rushes to your teammates, do you run away? Or use your skills to fight with him, just become a died body, you must protect your teammates until the safe place? Knight’s sword only protect people around him, but as long as the hands are still in there, he must protect his people’s safety. I am a peaceful player and my PK skill is not good. If someone beats me in the wild, my first reaction must run. But when I have teammates, I not only protect myself. I would rather die, than let my teammates die. Freedom, protection, treatment, even I know I will die in a short time, I will try my best to protect my teammates. Don’t say it is impossible, just have a try. 

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