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Start: and the wizard tower mage with Runescape Gold to Mizgog dialogue
Need skills: no

Needed items: Red, yellow, black and white Beads

Began to

The first, and is located in the Wizard tower [Wizard tower] 3 floor of the mage Mizgog dialogue, asked him if he has a task. He will tell you the little devil took his magic beads, now he ask you to help him get back to those beads. You need to be Red, yellow, black and white Beads [Red, yellow, black and white Beads] each one. The beads are the level 2 small demon [Imps] off, of course you can also from other players place and sale to buy some.

In RuneScape you can in the mage tower [Wizard tower], Falador south, Varrock field near the wall to find the little demon, but the best place is Karamja island of the volcano, there are a lot of Imps.

Do tube small demon [Imps] only level 2, but they are not easy to kill ~ ~ ~ they sometimes in combat or teleport to walk around the place, in addition, they fell all sorts of things, so collected all beads time consuming. Once you have Red, yellow, black and white Beads [Red, yellow, black and white Beads], go back and find Mizgog mage, Beads to him, the task was finished ~ ~ ~

Bonus: An Amulet of Accuracy 875 Magic experience 1 task point 

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