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In Dalaran there is a wishing fountain with coins in it. If your character threw one in, maybe your dream will be achieved.

As every WOW players known that there are a few facilities on Sisters of Elune and sometimes their realm forums would be renewed. Among these facilities, there is a charming point about the Dalaran fountain and you toss a gold, silver, or copper piece into the fountain to make a wish. Every WOW player is eager to realize their dream by making a wish in Dalaran fountain.

Some WOW players consider the Dalaran Wishing Fountain is one of the coolest things in the game. The Dalaran wishing fountain has inspired a question that has been making the rounds through the WOW community. If you threw a coin into the fountain, you must speak out your dream loudly. Perhaps, you may achieve it in the near future. Believe or not, it all depends on you.

The forum thread in question is about the coins your character would toss into the WOW Dalaran wishing fountain during their adventure. Sisters of Elune is an RP realm, so of course people come up with a lot of funny, touching, and delicately abstract art coins that mirror their character’s history or possible future.


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