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Denton, Texas – Likewise, RuneScape has many guilds to cherish on. Guilds are like stores that sell weapons or armors that you cannot buy in any other places. Also, you could say that guilds are institutions where you’ll get resources. Those guilds are categorized into several parts like Pay-to-play guilds, Free-to-play guilds, Informal guilds and Non-existent guilds etc. Well, let’s start with Free-to-play guilds and under this category, you’ll find many guilds like Cook’s Guild, Mining Guild, Champion’s Guild, Monastery, Crafting Guild and Runecrafting Guild. Every single guild has different location.

Under Pay-to-play guilds you’ll get Legend’s Guild, Heroes’ Guild, Fishing Guild, Thieves’ Guild, Warriors’ Guild, Wizards’ Guild and Ranging Guild etc. For Legend’s Guild and Heroes’ Guild, you’ll find Legend’s as well as Heroes’ Quests and for Thieves’ Guild you’ll find Buyers as well as Cellars Quests.

Informal Guilds are slightly different than the other two types of guild that we have come to know. These guilds exist in some locations and areas where you can see ample players are training few skills because there is the closeness of resources, banks and tools that are required to train in a particular skill. Sometimes these guild activities take place on certain game servers or ‘Worlds’ and these bring some secondary guild activities like suppliers and trading for all these training areas. Some of these guilds are: Smithing, Fletching, Fishing, Crafting, Firemaking as well as Cooking and Agility etc.

Well, I think you’ve got pretty much idea about various guilds in RuneScape. But, if you’re a regular player of this game, then try these guilds to know more about them. Play as much as you can and earn gold here to get advanced to the upper level. If you’ve only wish to earn more and more RS gold, then you have to know the game strategies properly and use them while playing. Also, you can buy RS gold from online store if you lack enough time to apply the strategies.

There are many such websites that sell cheap RS gold but you must make sure that gold is legitimate to use in the game, otherwise your account will be banned. is one reliable website that sells RuneScape gold at very cheap rate. Especially, if you visit their website now, you could see that they’re offering free gold with every single purchase of RS items. So, get some items for your game and some gold as bonus. Enjoy playing your RuneScape game. 

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