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Ian Ayre, Liverpool Chief Executive, said in an interview, they are likely to rent back to Gerrard in next January, of getting the veteran again gallops at Anfield.


Gerrard had previously announced that he would contract with the Club, he will be joined on a free transfer this summer United States MLS Club Los Angeles Galaxy. But Ian Ayre, believe, love does not end with this club the reds captain.

He said, “and Rogers, and the club owner, I have also openly said to Steven Gerrard and his agent, we can see Gerrard as a part of your family. The fact that he would leave at the end of the season does not mean that this is the last time we saw him in Liverpool. In fact, although the details are still unclear, but we will keep in regular communication with Steven Gerrard, in the long run, I hope that in the future we’ll see Steven Gerrard returned to Liverpool. ”

But when asked whether that meant that Liverpool would seek a rent back Gerrard next January, Al replies: “it can be imagined, this situation in the United States major leagues often take place. It also with Steven Gerrard and his agent has been talking about. For a people with so much DNA in Liverpool, you can’t let him get away. ”

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