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Although no winter break in the Premier League, but it could not withstand the Premier League stars to take a holiday abroad, having a good time. Liverpool’s 20-year-olds star Stirling missed Thursday’s practice because coach Rodgers promised him a new year’s holiday. Two days later, Liverpool and Sunderland for this round of the Premier League season, but England genius or choose to reside in North America and the Caribbean, Jamaica relaxation.

Stirling clearly enjoyed this trip, on his social media released photos showing him in a good mood. His smile, you strike an orchid-like movements of the hand, this action is called the rock, rock concerts can be seen. Rogers must hope that, after a relaxing holiday, own the generals can play in Saturday’s game a more level, so as to help the team win.

In Liverpool to win the Premier League runners-up last season in the process, young Stirling lot, and he has successfully represented England in this summer’s Brazil World Cup. This season, Suarez under transfer leaving Sturridge injury situation, he was the most relied on to score points. In 20 appearances in the Premier League so far this season, he has scored 4 goals and 4 assists, 49 key passing data particularly well.

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