Madden 18 Is A New Gameplay That Impact On History

Posted: 7th September 2017 by sky shine in Madden 18, Other Games
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This year’s update is by far one of the best, not only adding better graphics, but a new gameplay that includes dialogues with answers that can impact on history, college football and 7v7, as well as new mechanical gameplay.


As always, the best side to enjoy is multiplayer, whether at home or via the Internet. The differences, between the PS4 and the One are practically null, since they are very similar. If you choose the Sony console, the graphics are slightly higher, and the control is a little more comfortable. But if you opt for Microsoft, the online experience will be better. Whatever your choice, in short is a game that you must have if you are a fan of the franchise and this sport.

The new Longshot story mode for Madden NFL 18 features two young guys from the south with a dream of getting drafted into the National Football League. Players will work their way up through the ranks of college football – all the way to the big leagues. IT means that the company has inserted college football into the game, for the first time since EA cancelled its NCAA football game in 2013.

Much like the story mode in last year’s FIFA 17 known as “The Journey”, this year’s “Longshot” will see if the characters Devin Wade and Colt Cruise can make the cut and become players on one of the premiere teams in the NFL.

The reason it’s called “Longshot” is because it features a small town country player who was once a huge prospect for the NFL but he ended up dropping off the map after he joined the army for a few years and then came back to pursue a career in football with his friend Colt.

The NFL and esports are meeting once again with the newly announced “Madden NFL Club Championship”, consisting of all 32 teams in the National Football League. The announcement of the Club Championship is an effort to drum up hype for Madden 2018 which launched on August 25, and the release of the featured mode which will further bring the two industries together. Buy cheap Madden 18 Coins Xbox One/ PS4 in store now, you guys can click for it.

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