Madden Cheat Whether To Win CPU

Posted: 6th December 2017 by sky shine in Madden 18
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Let me saying, at the start, I have been not optimistic about Madden 18 and its issues. But with the new patch it restored faith, so I bought it for 20 bucks from PS store.

I love the way this game is playing now with sliders. The new qb logic is huuge. even though it has some kinks they need to work out (throwing across body across the field, throwing to someone parallel to them while facing the wrong direction. ball just shoots out of their hand straight to the right) It has made this game playable and enjoyable within CFM even with lack of depth inside CFM.

That being said…I just played a game that really got me to wonder. Does Madden just decide you arent going to win a game and does things to make sure of it? I wanted to record audio over the following video but couldnt because Youtube removed that feature.

Basically in a tight game towards end of the 3rd quarter I am down 14-6 to steelers and driving. Robby anderson makes an amazing catch to set up 1st and goal from the 1 yard line. However, CPU challenges and REVERSES the call!! I couldnt believe this. so I go into replay, and it was 100% a catch! i go slow, look at it from multiple angles, no doubt about. its a catch. so why then….would the game call it incomplete?? I was so very upset.

The very next play I catch them in Man defense and I throw a ball to my WR WIDE-OPEN in the endzone. He DROPS it….just simply drops it right out of his hands.

At this point its now 3rd and long and I really needed 6 because points and ball movement had been hard to come by and wasnt sure if i would get this close again….

I was so flustered, the very next play I didnt even read the defense, just made my mind up and threw it…and its intercepted in the endzone. I raged quit.

The game took away a first and goal from the 1 yardline from me…then a TD the following play to preserve a 14-6 lead.

I would like you to watch the video clip below and please give me your thoughts and analysis.


Look drops happen, just to have a drop right after it overturned a clear cut catch? Until now I am still enjoying the gameplay and game…I took a day off to calm myself down, but the challenge system needs to be redesigned so it can at least get the calls right?


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