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Although Lionel Messi scored in the season and many, but in recent months he’s offensive efficiency on the road is not very high. But in the just-concluded 19th round of La Liga, Messi successfully completed the hat-trick, but also for the long scoring away from home was brought to an end.


Careful calculation, the Argentina striker’s last Premier League away goal but also Bernama Barcelona beat Rayo 2-0 Games in early October last year. Since after beating Rayo, Messi in upcoming five-game road trip, lost, there is no way in the win over Real Madrid, Almeria, Valencia, Getafe and Real Sociedad scored for the team. But Messi in the just-concluded Barcelona 4-0 release my anger in the match in La Coruna, in the 10th, 33 and 62 minutes scored three times for the red and blue made, both also end their three-month goal drought away from home.

It is worth mentioning that, after having completed the hat-trick Messi in Spain and total number of capped 22 times, former legendary striker with Sarah and Di-Stefano flat just behind the superb front line General Ronaldo of Real Madrid this season (23). Throughout the career of Messi, the Argentina striker has completed an astonishing 33 hat-trick, completed 30 of them with Barcelona, and 3 is dedicated to the Argentina team. And that’s 30 times the Club let Messi hat-trick success came in “Spain hat-trick Club player ranking” second place, next to Sara, capped 31 times, ahead of 28 complete hat-trick-di Stefano and Ronaldo 27 times.

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