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We’re making some significant under the hood changes to the way magic works, which means we can offer true dual wielding capabilities to all the mages and sorcerers out there. You’ll be able to select a different auto-cast spell for each hand, or even cross-class, with any combination of magic, melee or ranged weapons in your hands.

All dual wielding will benefit from this change, as we are also reworking duel wielding damage calculations to bring them up to the power of the 2-handed weapons in the game.

We’re also adding four new basic combat abilities to the host of choices available to mages and rangers. These are designed to give more choice in ability rotation and adrenaline generation, especially for deft dual wielders or two-handed titans. Highlights include the ranger’s Needle Strike and the mage’s Concentrated Blast, both of which raise your crit chance. 

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