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Here's to the nights at level five, here's to the awful gear you'd prize, here's to the drive to level up in version two.

The days in Final Fantasy XIV are for adventuring, but the nights… well, the nights are also for adventuring. It’s kind of what you do. Not that it mattered in the last testing phase, as the team had not yet fully implemented the Eorzean day cycle. But it’s in place for the next testing phase, and a new installment on the official developer’s blog shows off what the city of Gridania looks like once the sun goes down.

Astute observers of the night sky will immediately notice the lack of Dalamud in the sky, but even casual observation makes it clear that the moon’s phases are crisper than in the original version of the game. Considering the speed of the game’s day-to-night cycle and the impact that moon phases may or may not have upon crafting, this is remarkably important. Check out the other comparison shots in the full blog entry.Click FFXIV Gil to see more content.


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