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Posted: 7th April 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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An interesting challenge no doubt. 5/7 weeks away from wow whilst holidaying back in blighty and the thought of starting again from zero is both puzzling but also exhilerating.
5 months part time to reach cap on a low pop server did pose some interesting challenges. Learning the various addons helped as did knowing your markets and fine tuning game knowledge. Professions certainly help a lot in varying what you can sell and markets do shift in whats profitable, i.e. inscription owns at the start of a patch but then slows compared to other proffs. Saying that even with a full stable of 85′s I still lack an inscriber as that market has always had lots of suppliers on my server so I remain ignorant of the mega wealth that can create.
Contrary to what some guildees of mine often proclaim it certainly doesn’t take 85′s or even gold to make gold. To prove this I challenged myself to use simple game and market knowledge to make gold and created 3 new toons on new servers and set them the task of how much could they make in 10hrs once they were created and then I checked in on them at 25hrs as well. 2 dks (yes starting at 58 post starting area helps a lot tho less on PVP servers) and 1 level 10 on a PVP, PVE and New Player Server respectively, making 6-12k at 10 hrs and 14-42k at 25hrs (selling a mid epic helped on the latter having not had one drop in over a year was pleased with that), none had anything more than gathering proffs if any at all. PVP servers can be harder, being a non 85 hurt at times as my foes camped my stricken body until boredom set in, the joy of an 85 ganking a 58 dk for over an hour still escapes me but someone must have enjoyed it.
As for me, the art of making gold is the challenge when not muttering into my ale over the failing of horde bgs (AV still is a fav even if the map isnt balanced its a pet peeve) not grinding for it but discovering new or interesting ways to make it or a sale. I admit I have no hogs or tigers my toons tho mogged are nothing impressive gearwise (370-394il) but I enjoy helping others and I await to see what new challenge I will find in MOP.
Good luck in your endeavour I look forward to reading how it goes. 

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