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Mor Dhona's creepiness value will also be adjusted upward by approximately 10%.

The reset timer for leves has long been a point of contention for Final Fantasy XIV players, with the 36-hour interval feeling rather stifling at the best of times. But that system is being changed, and while there will still be limitations on how many leves a player can have at one time, the restrictions will be greatly lessened. The new system has just been outlined on the official site, with a new 12-hour timer for resets being just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg.

At each 12-hour reset, players will be given an opportunity to acquire four new leves, with up to 99 total allowances stacking. These resets are shared across all leve types, ensuring that players will always have full access to content of an appropriate level for whatever classes they care to level. There’s also a new evaluation system in place that allows players to acquire new leves based on recent history, replacing the old evaluation system with the promise of further content enhancements. While 1.19 doesn’t yet have a release date on the table, most players will likely be excited enough by the promise of an easier and more straightforward system for leveling any chosen discipline.More game content and third-party services click hereĀ FFXIV Gil.

It’s all very interesting but my main concern is monster distribution on some leves, because leves will now be dedicated to soloing (not sure that was a good idea…) and because of the changes to classes in the last patch I’m finding certain leves to be more challenging then they were and with gear being severely damaged upon hitting return after you die, let’s just say there’s no incentive to trying out leves a few levels above your own for tasty XP.


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