Pet cap raised to 1,000

Posted: 10th August 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft, WOW powerleveling
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Patch 54 PTR Pet cap raised to 1,000

Pet collectors rejoice! No longer are you held back, burdened by the oppressive regime that prevents you from expressing your burning and undying love for WoW pet collection. Finally, with patch 5.4, the pet cap will be raised from 650 to 1,000!

While many players, including me, are nowhere near the cap of 650 pets, a cursory glance at sites like indicates that there are many players rapidly approaching the cap, if not quite there yet. The top collector on their rankings has 567 unique pets, not to mention any duplicates. Indeed this site shows that there are currently 580 battle pets available, and we already know of several new pets being added with 5.4, so this increase in the cap is welcome indeed.

A quick glance at my character reveals that, on the account with the most pets, I have a paltry 103. There is little to no likelihood of my troubling the 650 pet cap at any time soon. Where are you with your menagerie?

I’m at 517 uniques, 526 total, 58 at max level. I don’t think I can make it past 540 max, because in order to get to 580 uniques you need about 40 that are no longer available such as the chinese promos, past blizzcon pets, etc. According to Warcraftpets I’m sixth in my realm, may climb up to second or third if I update all my greens to blues and level some more pets.More content, please click:Wow Powerleveling.

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