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The druid known as Not Spot muttered to himself while scrawling a sigil on the ground. The artwork took longer than usual since he was using the handle of an immense hammer. As soon as the picture was finished, a flash of light erupted in the small clearing and a woman in scintillating robes appeared.
The druid blinked. “Uh.”
“What?” she asked. “I’m a priest.”
“Like, you can heal me and such?” the worgen asked. “I’m a druid. I can handle that myself, for the most part.”
“I prefer Discipline, actually,” the priest answered. “Though, we still heal. But it’s pretty different from what druids do.”
“You really weren’t what I was expecting,” the worgen replied. “I was looking for help finding my friends.”
“What were you expecting with an Invocation of the Dawn? It’s a powerful caster mace,” she answered. “Of course you’d see someone like me.”
Item Note: Much to everyone’s chagrin, this weapon will not actually summon a priest blogger. However, it does have smashing stats and drops in the Throne of Thunder. 

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