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[POE 3.3 Caustic Arrow Build]CI Caustic Arrow by Paige | SC/HC | Immortal | Guardians/Shaper | AFK Uber Labs | T17

This build is centered around AoE clear speed with CA + Mirage Archer, and insane amounts of defensive layering such as, high ES, ES recharge, very low ES recharge delay, ES on the kill, high ES regen and being evasion capped. It can clear all content in the game as I’ve shown already through videos/streaming but no CA build is going to be able to compete with broken meta-skills as far as single target damage is concerned. If you want something broken that’s overpriced, going to get nerfed and that everybody is playing, this isn’t the build for you (in fact, none of my builds are for that audience) as I do not get any enjoyment out of playing builds like those. Thanks.


Pros and Cons:
- Operates on a 5L
- AFK Uber Labs
- Effortless 8k+ ES
- 4800+ ES Recharge per second
- Affordable nonmetal uniques, gems & gear
- Mirage Archer does most of the work & attacks off screen
- Extremely tanky, giving you room for a lot of mistakes in combat
- Simple T17+ clears
- ES Recharge delay of 0.68 or fewer seconds
- Can run all map mods, except for no regeneration, Hexproof is slightly annoying though
- Tons of room for gear progression, this build will keep you busy for a long time
- Softcore & Hardcore viable

Kill All for 2 Points

Leveling Guide:
Suggested Gear: For quick leveling get Tabula Rasa, Asenath’s Mark, Locational Caress, Wanderlust & Lifespring.

Quick Links for PoE Trade: Tabula Rasa, Locational Caress, Wanderlust, Asenath’s Mark & Lifespring

In most cases, 20 quality gems will always slightly increase a thing, as will level 21 gems. You should slowly start working towards getting your main 6L gems 20Q/21L whenever possible.

There are two versions, “Budget Links” meaning you don’t have a second +1 gem bow to swap too & dedicate to ED. And “Normal Links” which means you have a second +1 gem bow to swap to & dedicate to ED.

Gems are listed in order of importance, so if you’re running with a 5L, you will be dropping Empower.

Defensive Option (My Current Choice): 20-30% Increased Enfeeble Curse Effect.
More Map Clearing Harm: 25-40% Increased Caustic Arrow Harm.
Potentially Faster Map Clearing: 8-12% increased Caustic Arrow Area of Effect.
More Single Target Harm: 25-40% Increased Essence Drain Damage.
A Mediocre Enchant: 20-30% Increased Essence Drain Duration.
The Worst Enchant: 20-30% increased Caustic Arrow Duration.

Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Tukohama

Pob Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

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