PvP gear or PvE gear?

Posted: 6th April 2013 by admin in Diablo 3
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This is the important question, particularly thanks to the changes to resilience as explained above, and its interaction with PvP Power, is PvP gear still the best option for PvP? I put the question to our tame theorycrafter and he had a lot to say in response.
Top end PvPers will primarily stick to PvP gear for most slots because they need the resilience to survive the enormous damage everyone is throwing around and the stats are still pretty good. The two places where we are likely to see PvE gear creep into arenas and battlegrounds are once again weapons and trinkets.

This first point is definitely encouraging. The changes in resilience and its interaction with PvP power could have served to create a sort of soft cap beyond which resilience was no longer as useful, as, of course, there’s a finite cap on PvP power, based on what it’s possible to get on your gear. But the second point is still interesting.

Eldacar backs up his second point as follows:
For example, the heroic Uroe, Harbinger of Terror is a top end two hand PVE weapon which does roughly 24% higher raw DPS than the equivalent top end PVP weapon. The 3744 PVP Power on the PVP weapon only offers a 14% DPS increase, compounding this is the fact that the extra 24% damage offered by the PVE weapon will be multiplied by the player’s existing PVP Power, where as the extra 14% from the PVP weapon will just be added on top. This is all before the secondary stats and gem on the PVE weapon are accounted for.

So when all is said and done someone with the PvE weapon should do roughly 20% more damage, with only about 7-8% loss in survivability, a pretty good trade. It is also worth noting that PvP weapons cost a lot of conquest points, if it were me I and I had the PvE equivalent available I would use it in a heart beat and spend that conquest to replace other items.

He goes on to add that the procs on PvE trinkets have a similar effect, while their base stats don’t offer much, citing examples such as Rune of Re-Origination and Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen for DPS and Horridon’s Last Gasp for healers as trinkets whose proc effects could cause real problems in the arena with heavy burst and mana regen. Keep an eye on these for nerfs! Do check out Eldacar’s full blog post for more information. 

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