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World of Warcraft Arena provides a new war platform for those who are strong-willed and ruthless temperament soldiers in the field, they can contest each other, fighting for honor and power. Build-your allies, to set up their own fighting squad, ready to participate in the fierce fighting. One by one to defeat the powerful and ruthless opponent, won top arena team in your server will be able to Laurel.

Arena PvP system design intent is to provide a highly competitive environment for the players. The players do not need to invest a lot of time in the arena, is by virtue of a tacit understanding with the strength of the clan to win. The Arena system aimed at the ultimate PvP combat, so enter the arena clan level is limited to 70. If you are under 70, can also team up with other players in the arena exercises race, but you can not exercise race clan rankings and arena points.

The Arena system arena points as currency in circulation. Players need to use a certain number of arena points to purchase Arena rewards, rather than the use of WOW Gold. Important improvements before the reward system – players get arena points will not decay. You can hoard up to 5000 arena points. Players can go to Outland Netherstorm Area 52, Shattrath City, Aldor and Scryers Heights, Tanaris Gadgetzan, at the Arena businessman Browse Arena rewards. If you have a sufficient number of arena points, will be able to purchase these rewards. 

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