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In the past few days, the company have received information on some of the clan wars free for all strange activity on the stage more and more concerned about the players report. The report recommends, there are more and more of the world zombie attack. Obviously, these attacks could happen at any time. The most worrying thing is that we have heared, in many cases, the zombie J-Mods seem to be among their ranks. In addtion, you may need a lot rs money to build your game, you can gain runescape gold online. It’s so convenient.
If you see a J-Mod in the Clan Wars arena who appears to be infected, please try to save them, or, if necessary, to break the tradition of killing, J-Mod- in your choice.
We do not know when and where these obvious attacks will happen, but we will let you know when we find the answer. At the same time, we ask that you keep your eyes peeled, your sword sharp. If you see these so-called zombies, please inform your fellow players in the family chat on the forums, on your Twitter account, and if you have a camera, posting your findings on the YouTube. Our players have created Moderator strike team, follow their lead, or help them, or even just start their own strike team. Furthermore, don’t forget our online runescape money.
In efforts to further investigate these issues they have established the Alpha base planning, where you can use J-Mod team to learn more about these events. 

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