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To start, yes I bot in RuneScape. I have multiple accounts that do everything from fishing lobbies, cutting trees to creating soft clay. I have a main account where I do not bot because RuneScape is actually a fun game. There is always the fear of one of my sub accounts getting banned, but over the last 4 years the only thing that has happened is a mute on my main account. Yes, the one that I don’t even bot with. I guess I said something I shouldn’t have around a mod — Has it been luck, good scripts or a set of rules I follow when botting that has kept me safe thus far? I don’t think I’ll ever know, but here’s some tips that I like to think have helped me over the years.
Jagex said HTML5 and related standards let it offer much more sophisticated graphics for RuneScape. That means among other things that players will be able to see farther into the distance, as shown at lower right, than with the current Java software.
Time ‘” We’ve all heard of people botting for 7 days straight to get 99 wood cutting, or a marathon of botting to get super skills. Be realistic, people don’t play for multiple days straight. Most (hopefully all) don’t play for an entire day. Keep this in mind when botting. Will your bot run for 7 days straight? Probably. But a real person doesn’t. Bot for a few hours at a time. Maybe when you sleep, or are at work, or off running errands. Don’t keep that bot on all day because it’s not realistic. You could have the best anti-ban system ever, but if it’s running for 7 days Jagex could get suspicious.
Location Location Location!!!! ‘” This is the old term with real estate, but guess what it works for botting also. I see so many people chopping willows in draynor. Ok, bots not people. Some even powerchop or chop-n-burn here. There are always tons of bots in the mining guild or the dwarven resource dungeon, fishing lobsters, etc. etc. If a real person is in the resource dungeon, or trying to chop willows and bots steal everything from under their nose they are likely to report. Pick a spot away from people. Want to powerchop willows? Go to south rimmington. There are 8 trees and few people. You’ll be away from the crowds, get more exp because less competition and no one there to report you. Mine coal in edgeville, fish lobbies in — well only one place for F2P to fish lobbies so go nuts in karamja. You get the idea, pick a spot where you can do your botting that won’t affect the real players of the game. As long as you don’t ruin it for them they likely won’t report you.
Test your scripts ‘” Scripts are downloaded from your bot site. They may have a high rating, they may have tons of users, they may claim to be the ultimate “flawless” script out there. It’s the internet. People can say and do most anything. Before letting your new woodcutting script run all night try it out. Start it, watch it cut a few loads and bank/drop/burn them like it should. See how the anti-bans look. Does it seem realistic to you? Does it actually do what it is supposed to? You’d be surprised on the number of “flawless” scripts I’ve tried that just don’t work. A mining script that banks your pickaxe then returns to the rocks and clicks away. Of course it won’t mine anything because the pick axe is in the bank, but it will keep clicking on the rocks. A script that can’t find the rune essence in the bank. Combat scripts which “eat any food in your inventory” that forget to eat — the list goes on. Be smart, test the script and once you are satisfied let it run for multiple nights.
Trading goods between accounts ‘” Remember where I said I have multiple accounts. Some fish, some mine, some chop. I give these resources to one account which then “processes” them and gets good experience and gold (burning logs without taking the time to cut them, cooking fish without having to fish/buy them, etc.) Of course the resources need to move from the bot account to the main account. With the addition of free-trade this is easy. Just login with both accounts, meet up somewhere and trade. Hold on, it’s not that simple. Don’t you think Jagex would get suspicious of Player1 trading with Player2, and no one else in months. And all those trades are one way where the player gets nothing in return??? Remember, be smart. You can’t just take 10k lobsters for nothing. Trade some junk from your bank, pay a little cash in return. Of course don’t pay full price, remember you’re trying to make your main account better. But trade SOMETHING. Login from different computers, don’t meet in the same spot every time. Make the trade then have both accounts go do something. Don’t just log off with the bot, log on with the next bot, trade, and repeat. The goal is realistic. Sure you can buy the lobsters for 10g each. Use the money you spent to buy something for the bot account. Afterall, the lobsters you are going to cook bring in enough to cover the 10g you spent.

The number one rule is be smart. Use your head and don’t get too greedy. Bot away, get those skills up and rest easy knowing you’ve done all you could to not get banned. 

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