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Filling Chinese elements, global synchronization on the line.The recently open service Panda Man of Mystery to help the RuneScape to return to the 10 million level user scale, but the hometown of the panda, the global competition faced by the largest online games only to rise. If you can not sync and global players, I’m really sorry the Chinese players, Panda, RuneScape Chinese operators Netease CEO Ding Lei expectations become a reality in the next few days are all filling elements: from the name to the contents of this new piece of information in the first week of the foreign sales of 2.7 million copies, and help the RuneScape number of players returning to acquire RuneScape Gold.

Analysys International analyst Xue Yongfeng Panda is one intended to save the RuneScape for weakness in the global bailout. But in the face of good open service performance, investment the agency Robert W.Baird just T account: Compared with the previous piece of information big disaster , Panda 30% decline in sales results. Return to the game players use emotional language that Panda attitude. The scenes are reminiscent of the many places in China, foreign players This is just used to satisfy the sour mood of the Chinese players.

From a market point of view, RuneScape is doing the localization attempt, but the deviation from the original European and American style of the game too, the Insiders pointed out, this will lead to the Panda trade-off. Replace only the protagonist does not mean much.The accusations of medication, is a common problem for piece of information. A lot of skills are the new packaging use. Allods same race choose a different career, there will be a different race vocational skills and the skills in the game is unique and can not be obtained by other means the same effect. 

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