RuneScape runs double XP

Posted: 8th August 2013 by admin in Runescape
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RuneScape runs double XP weekend

Rev up those fingers, comrades, because they’re going to be put to good use this weekend. RuneScape has another double XP weekend in store for any player who wants to see his or her avatar skyrocket through the levels.

During the weekend event, all subscribed members will receive double XP for all standard skills. In addition, Jagex is tossing a bone to free players by offering them a 1.2 multiplier for the same length of time. The bonus XP stacks with other XP boosters.

The event begins at 8:00 a.m. EDT on Saturday the 27th and continues until the same time on Monday the 29th.
Yeah it gets a bad rap, a lot becuase it was a lot of people’s first mmos, then it changed and they decided they hate it and it’s for 13 year old losers (because they were 13 when they played it). Same thing happened with WoW, it’s not what it was, but it’s still a damn solid mmo.


I was never into runescape, but my friend was, he goes back to it time from time and I’ve joined him a few times, while I know it’s the husk of the game it once was, it’s a pretty impressive and still in my opinion “old school” style mmo where it’s not about action dodge rolling and ADHD gameplay, but about farming endlessly to amass gold to say you have it, which sounds dumb but is oddly appealing.


I do from time to time miss the days of online gaming where you literally turned your brain off and farmed wealth. I love the new mmos, but I have to actually focus, I can’t rely on stacking my dodge stat so the monster misses me, I have to actively pay attention to animations and dodge out of the way. A lot harder to just sit back and chill like that.


Runescape: it’s nothing like what it was, but it’s not really a bad game. haters gonna hate, get over yourselves (same goes for people who won’t shut up about wow being bad)Pay more attention to RS news please: Runescape gold.

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