RuneScape :The Heroes Ozan

Posted: 5th August 2013 by admin in Runescape
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There are few as charismatic as Ozan. There are also few as loyal and intrepid. Ozan focuses these energies on adventuring, and telling stories of those adventures for the attention of anyone who cares to listen. He’s also pretty handy with a lute, and believes that his destiny is fame, fortune and riches.

To underestimate Ozan and dismiss him as a travelling entertainer would be foolhardy. The quiver he bears on is back is packed with arrows that are sure to make their mark whenever Ozan draws his bow; he is a master marksman, and spends his idle time sharpening his skills. He is also a marksman of a different kind, able to pickpocket or thieve his ‘mark’ without them sensing he is even in their presence.

Born in Al Kharid but now considering Varrock to be his home, Ozan will boast that he has visited every place at least once. Incredibly brave, Ozan would be a handy friend to make on your own adventures.

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