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“What happened?” Meiev arrived and watched Grant. Nana and Angel asked Meiev to save Grant, “is Grant alright?” “I have no idea” Meive thought for a while and opened her mouth with full doubts, “He is breathing steadily and it seems there is no big problem to buy WOW gold. But he excluded all of my power when I tried to examine his condition just now. Moreover, such feeling of power makes me think of the Backblade of Shahram. It is impossible.” “It is simple” a raven stopped beside Grant and changed into a tall and charming people figure, “his power of sword just now could be looked as a miracle. He collected all the power of lightening to his sword, adding the great force of impact, although Backblade of Shahram is an ancient artifact, it still could not resist the mortal impact!”

“So, neither the high quality long sword of this young man nor the indestructible Backblade of Shahram could not bear such great power, and eventually turned into ashes. I think there was power of Shahram storing in the body of this man.” “Medivh grandpa” Nana raised her head and watched the gracious old man. She was overjoyed, “please save Grant with WOW gold!” Medivh softly touched Nana’s hair and smiled to her, “don’t worry. If I did not come to save him, why did I appear?”
“Are you the legendary prophet Medivh?” Meive watched the old man in front of her and felt unbelievable, “I heard your stories from Jaina. You are the closest to the god in this world!” Medivh sighed, “Although I can predict the future, there will be a lot of things that you know but you cannot stop. As the event of the corrupt of Alsace, I watched him going to the deep abyss step by step, but I could not save him with cheap WOW gold.”
“So, you came here this time is just for the young man?” Meiev doubted Medivh’s intention, “do you have any advices for me?” “For many things, you don’t need to resist on them” watching Meive’s burning eyes, Medivh said peacefully, “Learn to tolerant and you will find the real happiness.” Knowing Medivh’s words of WOW gold,Here I want to show some guide about the quest Defender of Varrock, hope that could be helpful to you on your way to finish this quest and get some RS gold successfully.

Reward: 2 quest points; 2000 Agility; 10000 Defence; 15000 Hunter; 10000 Mining; 10000 Smithing; Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Required skills: 51 Agility; 51 Hunter; 54 Smithing; 59 Mining.
Items preparation: Spade; Pickaxe; A lightsource; Chart, Watch, Sextant; Armour & food.
To start this quest you must speak to Captain Rovin in Varrock castle. He is in the North West Tower of the building. You will be asked to investigate the Graveyard of Shadows. Rovin’s scout and Hartwin will follow you from the Varrock castle.
When you reach the graveyard speak with Hartwin, Rovin’s scout. The Graveyard is located approximately at level 20 wilderness. You’ll see a cut scene when you speak with Hartwin. After the cut scene you’ll find that there are zombie tracks leaving the Runescape goldgraveyard. Use the tracking skills you learned from hunting, and you’ll eventually find your way down to the Chaos Temple.
The trails are random and some loop around, but just follow them along as best you can and you’ll find your way to the Chaos Temple.
What you’ll need to do here is inspect the trees and bushes and rocks. Each time you’ll either extend the trail you’re following or find nothing. Just keep looking and you’ll find your way.
Somewhere along the trail you’ll find a grubby key. The location of this key is random, but you should find it along the trail on your way to the Chaos Temple.
Here is a map of the general path the zombie trail will follow. Anything else you may pick up will end in a dead end.
Once you reach the Chaos Temple you’ll learn that the trail ends on the hard ground. Look behind the altar up ahead and there will be a trap door. The grubby key will unlock it. Enter it and be prepared for some battles for RS gold.

Meiev could not help blushing with shame. Medivh bended down and examined the power inside Grant. He burst into surprising expression, “I did not expect that most of the power from Backblade of Shahram had been transferred into his body.”


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