Square-Enix reveals new FF XIV

Posted: 22nd August 2013 by admin in FFXIV Gil, FFXIV Guide
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Not sure what to call this Final Fantasy either. Is it really a Final Fantasy game or is it another game with the Final Fantasy title?

Final Fantasy XIV has had a rough road to hoe since its initial launch. Square-Enix has given us a glimpse of a brighter future, though, courtesy of a new cinematic trailer and a new website.

The double-barreled reveal is intended to stoke the fires of optimism for version 2.0, and while there’s precious little information on upcoming changes to the game itself, there is a bucket-load of awesomesauce on display courtesy of the new trailer. It’s short, but it packs its brief running time full of spectacular vistas and conflict-heavy vignettes. Check it out in full after the cut.

[Source: Square-Enix press release]

Incredibly disappointing.  When they said we would be getting a new XIV 2.0 trailer we all expected a look at the new graphics, the new ui and all the other changes that are required to make the game a good game with 2.0.  We see nothing of that.  Yes, we get the gist of the storyline that remakes the world for 2.0 but we get nothing of what we need to make a decision on whether its worth our time or money to reinvest ourselves in a game that so heinously ruined our relationship with SE and itself.Final fantasy XIV is close to beta, waiting for what click here:FFXIV Gil to learn more about the game content and skills, to join the fight.


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