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he Squeal of Fortune is an activity available to both free players and members. Every day a free player is entitled to one free spin a day of the wheel and two free spins for members which can provide rewards ranging from Fishing bait and Copper ore, right up to God armour and Sigil shields.

Most of the high value rewards from the wheel are actually untradable and they come with the prefix “Lucky” – for example Lucky armadyl chestplate. They are also a slightly darker shade to their tradable counterparts, which makes them easy to identify them when worn by other players.

The Squeal of Fortune is a daily activity which resets at 00:00 GMT. Upon logging in for the first time on a particular day there will be a Goblin icon on the screen which, if clicked on, will bring up the wheel. If you do not want to play the wheel, you can hide the icon but it will reappear again the next time you log in. You can also access the Squeal of Fortune through the extras tab.
The interface is simple to understand, you can either spin the wheel, purchase more spins or hide the wheel. To spin the wheel, click on the green button on the right side of the screen. It does not matter when you click to spin the wheel as there is no way to influence the reward you get from it.

Once the wheel has stopped spinning you will be shown your prize and given the option to claim it, convert it to coins and, in the case of free players winning a members only prize, discard an item or subscribe to members. With the exception of experience lamps and coins, all prizes are sent to your bank upon claiming them. You cannot spin the wheel again until you claim, convert or discard your prize.
In addition to the two free spins each player is entitled to per day it is possible to obtain extra spins through gaining Spin tickets by killing monsters, skilling, winning extra spins on the wheel, taking part in a specific Distraction and Diversion, completing quests and challenges or purchasing them through the Jagex website using various means such as PayPal or Credit/Debit cards. Purchasing spins is covered later in the guide.

Combat: Spin tickets are dropped by almost every monster in the game which drops loot. The exceptions to this are monsters found within Daemonheim or monsters in Minigames.

Skilling: Spin tickets can be obtained through the same skilling methods as the Shattered Heart distraction & diversion. For a list of methods click here.

Distractions & Diversions: Every week you can obtain a spin ticket from either hunting Penguins, chopping Evil Trees, mining Shooting Stars or by taking part in the Circus. In addition to this the Troll Warzone minigame also offers a free spin ticket every month.

Quests: Completing quests will earn you spins on the Squeal of Fortune, however this only applies to quests you have yet to complete or new quests. Players cannot receive spins for quests they have already completed.

Daily Challenges: Completing your daily challenge in game will reward you with one free spin on the wheel.

Membership Cards: There are special membership cards that, when redeemed, allow players to choose from a number of packages including spins on the wheel.

Special Events: Sometimes Jagex have in-game events which provide additional spins on the wheel. For example throughout May 2012 paying members were rewarded with an additional spin every day. 

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