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The Stronghold of Safety can be found at the north end of Barbarian Village and just south of Edgeville. The focus of the Stronghold is player safety. In order to enter the dungeon, you must first climb down the “Jail Entrance” located at the back of the Exam Centre.

Rewards found in the Stronghold include 10,000 coins, a pair of Safety gloves, a new emote (Safety First) and two Antique lamps, each giving 500 experience points to the skill of your choice.

For more information, please read the text located below the map.
Dungeon Monsters
Mugger: Level 6
Cockroach Drone: Level 8
Cockroach Worker: Level 56
Cockroach Soldier: Level 83

For players Younger than 13

Speak to the Guard to learn about the Report Abuse feature.
Read all of the jail cell doors. Speak to the Guard again.
Climb the stairs and speak to Professor Henry to take an exam on player safety.
Once you have passed the test, speak to Professor Henry again to receive the Antique lamps and the new emote.
You can now explore the remainder of the dungeon. You will find the remaining rewards in the chest located inside the Treasure room. To unlock the doors to the Treasure room, pull the lever on Floor 3 of the dungeon.

For players Older than 13:

If you are older than 13, you can not view the plaques on the jail cell doors, and you can not take the safety exam. You bypass these two steps and have the ability to instantly enter the dungeon. You will find all four rewards in the Treasure chest at the end of the dungeon. To unlock the doors to the Treasure room, pull the lever on Floor 3 of the dungeon. 

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