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One of the benefits of the crafting system in Star Wars: The Old Republic is the ability to

let companions craft for you, as well as specialize them into certain crafting skills.

Crafting is done “offstage” by companions. After assigning crafting orders to companions,

the player has no further involvement in the process. A player can give simultaneous

crafting orders to up to five companions. Each companion can store a queue of up to five

crafting tasks. Companion crafting queues will continue even if you go offline.

Companions who have a high affection for the player character will have improved ability to

perform their tasks (ex: craft items faster). During a companion’s process of crafting, you

can contact your crew and cancel a project, regardless of your location within the game. The

resources that would have been used are returned to your inventory or mailed to you if you

have no inventory space.[1]
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Developers have claimed that player involvement will be required when learning rare

schematics for the most powerful items but this currently is not necessary.

The Crafting skills are specialized, so each character can only master one of these six


It is possible to “crit” on crafting items. This can result in crafting an item that is as

good as you can get in a raid.

Another important aspect of crafting is the connection to the game community. The SWTOR

systems design team felt that having players craft exclusively for their own use would be

less entertaining. While the details are not clear, they have invested a good deal of time

ensuring that truly dedicated crafters can make a name for themselves and play an important

role in the game community.

Reverse engineering will destroy the object but refund some of the resources used to create

the object. Upon reversing engineering an item, there is a chance that the the player will

learn an upgraded pattern of the reverse engineered object. A crafter can only reverse

engineer an item whose recipe they already know. If a green quality item is reverse

engineered, there is a chance to learn a blue quality version of it. Reverse engineering a

blue quality item gives a chance to learn a purple quality version of that item. More

details of the progression may be detailed on a crafting skill’s page.

The game’s UI shows a difficulty level for each recipe according to the character’s level.

As the character levels, recipes become easier. Completing a recipe generally results in a

crafting skill increase. The skill increase awarded is based on the difficulty of the

recipe. Difficulties and the skill award for completing a recipe of that difficulty are

shown in the table below.
Difficulty    Skill award
Orange (most difficult)    2
Yellow    2
Green    1
Gray (easiest)    0

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