TERA Rising Patch 21.13.01 (NA)

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Battleground Changes
New! Corsairs’ Stronghold
Fraywind Canyon

Spawn and respawn times of BAMs have been changed.
Teralith—205 seconds after beginning of match; 270 seconds after it dies.
Naga Reaver—325 seconds after the beginning of the match; 330 seconds after it dies.
Desperate Resolve buff has changed.
The buff now triggers at a 600-point difference.
The buff now deactivates at a 100-point difference.
Players now respawn 15 seconds after their death, regardless of how many times they’ve been brutally slaughtered.
Added new forest topography. This means you now have tall bushes where you can hide and “strategize.”
The duration of the Clemency buff characters receive after resurrecting in the battleground has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. The buff from the crystal in your base is still 10 seconds.
Fraywind Canyon ranking will now follow the rules of the ranking system used in Champions’ Skyring.
Party matching criteria will be based on your personal ranking.
Your ranking in Fraywind Canyon is independent of the other battleground maps.
A new season of Fraywind Canyon starts with this patch.
Daily quest added: “Hero of Fraywind Canyon.”
Players automatically receive this daily quest upon entering Fraywind Canyon.
The quest is completed by winning a match in Fraywind Canyon while solo queued.
Reward: 40 gold, 200 Bellicarium credits, 700 Bellicarium reputation.

Champions’ Skyring

The queue for Champions’ Skyring has been restructured.
There are now two ranked queues: solo and team of three.
Unranked queues have been removed.
Rewards for the new ranked queues are the same as the old ranked queue.
A new season of Champions’ Skyring starts with this patch. The previous scores have been wiped.

Miscellaneous Battleground Changes

Battleground cooldown time is now counted from the beginning of the battleground match instead of the end.
Battleground cooldown time is now counted from the battleground match creation time instead of the time the player joined.
Battleground season length is extended from 28 days to 56 days.
If a player exits before the end of the match by quitting the party, the “Battle Worn” achievement count resets.
Murderous Intent skill is now provided to all players ranked first through fifth (previously only five players received the skill).

Dungeon Changes

The newbie buff is now removed after clearing the dungeon 10 times instead of 11. Someone ran out of fingers.
Players gain the “Dropout” debuff if they quit the party three or more minutes after Instance Matching has occurred.
Balder’s Temple
Normal Mode
Reduced damage from the tree-climbing attack. He still won’t yell “Timber!”
Increased HP.
Reduced frequency of back slam skill.
Increased HP.
Reduced electric charge skill damage.
Increased HP.
Reduced electric sphere attack damage.
Removed timer for final 30 percent.
Increased HP.
Hard Mode
Increased HP for Lagreah, Grig, and Auricadis.
Fane of Kaprima
Normal Mode
Reduced Egrecia AOE attack damage.
Increased HP.
Reduced drill spear attack damage.
Increased HP.
Lokian Fateshaper now summoned at 90 and 50 percent HP.
Reduced Lokian Fateshaper HP.
Reduced Kornus basic lunge attack damage.
Reduced Egrecia HP.
Increased HP.
Reduced special AOE attack damage.
Increased HP.
Hard Mode
Increased HP for Pyrvathas, Agarta, Kornus, and Kaprima.
Ebon Tower
Normal Mode
Killing the first named mob no longer spawns a teleportal to the fifth floor.
Hard Mode
Dungeon entry lowered to level 58.
Minimum item level for using Party Matching lowered to 131 (loot adjusted accordingly).
Purification totem added.
Dark matter added. After dinner, the universe will explode for your pleasure.
Increased HP for Maceris, Bloodstone, Kaersidar, and Thulsa.
Labyrinth of Terror
Normal Mode
Argon Cores added.
Hard Mode
Dungeon entry lowered to level 57.
Minimum item level for using Party Matching lowered to 131 (loot adjusted accordingly).
Argon Cores added.
Increased HP for Arzakaar, Halvaroggh, Drakiirath, and Aleister.
Kelsaik’s Nest
Hard Mode
Dungeon entry lowered to level 58.
Minimum item level for using Party Matching lowered to 132 (loot adjusted accordingly).
Removed previous level 60 loot.
Removed Dreamkeeper series designs and materials.
Added items appropriate to level 58.
Kelsaik is now level 59.
Increased HP.
Decreased attack and defense.
Temple of Temerity
Dungeon entry lowered to level 58.
Minimum item level for using Party Matching lowered to 124 (loot adjusted accordingly).
Practicum and dire badge necklaces changed to level 58 (does not affect preexisting practicum or dire badge necklaces).
Reduced HP and defense for kumas sentinel, Valsandra, and Asirion.
Sigil Adstringo
Dungeon entry increased to level 58.
Minimum item level for Party Matching changed to 134 (loot adjusted accordingly).
Dungeon entrance changed. Entrance is now in the Raintree Oasis of Tor Exsul.
Quests associated with Sigil Adstringo are now level 58.
“The Immortal Dragon” rewards 15 gold and 1,500,000 XP.
“The Crux of the Horror” rewards 22 gold and 2,200,000 XP.
“Dragon, Schmagon” rewards 8 gold and 800,000 XP.
Significantly increased HP, attack, and defense of all mobs in this dungeon.
Ascent of Saravash
Dungeon entry increased to level 58.
Minimum item level for using Party Matching changed to 134 (loot adjusted accordingly).
Dungeon entrance changed. Entrance is now near Azarel’s Labyrinth entrance in Ascension Valley. You can enter after completing the story quest “Thulsa’s Doom.”
Quests associated with Ascent of Saravash are now level 58.
“In through the Out Door” rewards 15 gold and 1,500,000 XP.
“Blowback” rewards 22 gold and 2,200,000 XP.
“Suppression Orders: Ascent of Saravash” rewards 8 gold and 800,000 XP.
Significantly increased HP, attack, and defense of all mobs in this dungeon.
Suryati’s Peak
Dungeon entry increased to level 58.
Added new potion: innervation elixir.
Increases resistance to Malaise of Despair debuff from Kelsaik’s Nest (hard) by 15 percent.
Can be stacked up to five times, for a total resistance of 75 percent.
Minimum item level for Party Matching changed to 126 (loot adjusted accordingly).
Quests associated with Suryati’s Peak are now level 58.
“Ghufran’s Revenge” reward 20 gold and 2,000,000 XP.
“The Mountain of Chains” rewards 22 gold and 2,200,000 XP.
“Missing but not Dead” rewards 22 gold and 2,200,000 XP.
“The Guardians of the Lab” rewards 22 gold and 2,200,000 XP.
Increased HP, attack, and defense of all mobs in this dungeon.

Class Changes

“Critical” calculation now applies to all damage-over-time skills on all relevant classes.

Decreased PvP damage dealt by 5 percent.
Decreased the effective range of Backstab from 15 to 10 meters.
Cooldown of Cross Parry is now one second.
Glyph of Persistence (for Blade Draw) has changed.
Chance to reset cooldown has increased from 40 to 50 percent.
Required glyph points increased from four to five.
Assault Stance I—lowered endurance decrease from 15 to 10 percent.
Assault Stance II—lowered endurance decrease from 15 to 10 percent.
Assault Stance III added—increases power by 160 percent; decreases endurance by 10 percent; increases crit rate by 50. Learned at level 50.
Defensive Stance III—increases endurance by 125 percent; increases balance by 20; draws 165 percent more aggro. Learned at level 50.
Traverse Cut—increases endurance debuff duration from 10 to 18 seconds.
Assault Stance changed.
Attack: increased 4.3 percent in PvE; decreased 2.3 percent in PvP.
Defense: increased 3.4 percent in PvE; increased 0.1 percent in PvP.
Defensive Stance changed.
Attack: no change in PvE; decreased 6.9 percent in PvP.
Defense: increased 2.8 percent in PvE; decreased 1.0 percent in PvP.
HP consumption of Combative Strike now varies gradually from 5 to 10 percent up to level 30.
Increased overall defense while soloing.

Increased Arcane Pulse damage by 3–10 percent.

Increased damage of all archer skills.
Arrow Volley damage modifier increased by 28.5 percent.
Arrow damage increased by 70 percent.
All other archer skills increased by 20 percent.
Sniper’s Eye
Power stat buff decreased from 50 to 30.
No longer decreases attack speed; instead, increases attack speed by 4.
No longer decreases PvP damage by 15 percent; instead, decreases PvP damage by 4.3 percent.
Eagle’s Eye
Power stat buff decreased from 50 to 30.
No longer decreases movement speed; instead, increases movement speed by 8.
No longer decreases PvP damage by 15 percent; instead, decreases PvP damage by 4.3 percent.
Close Quarter’s glyph (Glyph of Power)
Glyph effect decreased from 100 to 60 percent.
Required glyph points reduced from five to three.
Penetrating Arrow cooldown reduced by two seconds.
The first two hits of Rapid Fire now have a 100 percent chance to cause stagger; the third hit has only a 10 percent chance.

Increased max number of characters able to receive a priest’s buffs to 25. This includes Blessing of Shakan, Blessing of Seren, Blessing of Balder, and Blessing of Arachne.
Energy Stars
Buff range increased to 35 meters.
Buff now increases party members’ attack speed by 11 percent.
Duration increased from 15 to 20 seconds.
Rank 1 has not changed (still increases party members’ power by 20).
Rank 2 now increases party members’ power by 28.
Rank 3 now increases party members’ power by 36.
Cooldown reduced from 30 to 25 seconds.
Glyph of Enfeeblement (for Triple Nemesis)
Now has a 100 percent chance to reduce the enemy’s endurance by 10 percent for seven seconds.
Glyph of Energy (for Energy Stars)
Change to Glyph of Savagery.
Now gives a 20 percent increase in strength rather than 20 percent cooldown. In other words, it increases skill damage and party buffs for attack speed and power gets a 20 percent increase.
“Critical” calculation now applies to healing skills.
Green skill effect displayed when healing spells crit.
Healing amount of 150 percent on instant, common, and heal-over-time skills.
Decreased HP recovery by 10 percent for Heal Thyself, Focus Heal, and Healing Immersion.

Thrall creatures have changed for Thrall of Life, Thrall of Wrath, Thrall of Vengeance, and Thrall of Protection.
The balance of some thralls have changed.
Thrall of Protection
Damage increased by 400 percent.
Increased critical damage chance.
Stun probability has been increased on critical hits.
Decreased HP by 50 percent.
Removed stuns on base attacks; chance to stun reduced on powerful attacks.
Thrall of Vengeance
Damage increased by 250 percent.
Increased HP by 150 percent.
Duration increased to 60 seconds.
Now possible to give orders to this thrall.
Thrall of Wrath
Damage increased by 300 percent.
Duration increased by 20 seconds.
Waiting mode has been removed.
“Critical” calculation now applies to healing skills.
Green skill effect displayed when healing spells crit.
Healing amount of 150 percent on instant, common, and heal-over-time skills.
Decreased HP recovery for Titanic Favor by 10 percent.

“Critical” calculation now applies to Second Wind.
Green skill effect displayed when skill crits.
Crit can increase healing to 150 percent.
Decreased HP recovery for Second Wind by 10 percent.

Miscellaneous Changes

Banker NPCs added near the entrance of Temple of Temerity and Sirjuka Gallery.
You can now climb faster.
Teleportals have new animations and effects.
The vanarch system has been turned off. No political system will be available before the arrival of alliances.
Specialty stores and clerics of restoration remain open during this time.
Default tax rate across all zones is 7 percent.
Increased max number of charms usable in one campfire from 5 to 100.
The delay for charms to take effect decreased from 5 seconds to 1 second.
Dire badges can now be stored in guild banks.
Decreased crafting skill points earned upon success from 6 to 2.
Added a new world drop locked box that contains an exclusive item. It is currently timelocked. Once the timelock is removed, it will require a strongbox key unlock.
Some default shortcut keys have changed.
Third attack shortcut key has changed from Tab to C. Was your pinkie as tired as ours?
Character profile is no longer accessible with C; it is only accessible with P.
Inventory is no longer accessible with B; it is only accessible with I.
The raid shortcut key has changed from X to B.
Enchantment success rate changed to match KTERA. The enchantment correction system is still intact. Weapon enchantment success rates are not affected.

Leveling and Party Changes

The XP rate when there is a large level gap between partied players has been adjusted. The XP rate is dependent on the difference between the highest-level player and the lowest-level player.
For a 4-level difference, you’ll receive 10 percent less XP.
For a 5-level difference, you’ll receive 20 percent less XP.
For a 6-level difference, you’ll receive 30 percent less XP.
For a 7-level difference, you’ll receive 45 percent less XP.
For an 8-level difference, you’ll receive 60 percent less XP.
For a 9-level difference, you’ll receive 75 percent less XP.
For a 10-level difference, you’ll receive 90 percent less XP.
Added quest auto-share system, where you automatically receive zone quests you may be eligible for—but don’t already have—when your party kills a quest-related monster.
The path from the Island of Dawn to Fey Forest has been shortened.
Increased difficulty of Vekas, Acharak, and Kugai.
One more Acharak will be placed on the Island of Dawn.
The Faerie Emissary quest has been removed.
The Pixies Trouble quest has changed from escort to hunt.
Other Fey Forest quests have returned. Now everyone can earn that Bacon-Lover title.
All open-world BAMs are now solo-able.
Decreased overall HP, but increased AI.
Rewards adjusted accordingly. Crystal drops are not affected.
Enraged BAMs in Southern Shara now drop HP/MP motes.
Story-quest BAMs that were deemed too easy have increased their difficulty to be on par with other open-world BAMs.
Quest markers indicate these are solo quests.
Added a new Jax Trust daily quest, “Dealing with Shrinkage.” You must be at least friendly with Jax Trust for the quest to appear.

UI Changes

Added a back slot. These items will be available soon.
Back slot is found in the costume UI in the character profile window.
Characters with long hair styles will have shortened hair styles after equipping a back slot item.
While not in combat, weapons will not display while back slot items are equipped.
New category added to the trade broker.
Made changes to achievements.
Achievements have been regrouped and recategorized.
Titles are now in a drop-down menu in the Character Profile window.
Conditions for the following achievements have changed from “while wearing a swimsuit” to “while wearing a premium costume”:
Hot Time in the Summertime
Groove to the Island Music
Quintessential Ice Dancer
Party Like a Swamp Thing
Added a new “Special” category.
“Special” category has three sub-categories.
Events and Holiday—achievements obtainable only during a limited time period.
Leveling Specials—achievements that are difficult to earn or can only be earned by very few people.
Legacy Achievements—achievements which can no longer be completed.
Improved the UI for miscellaneous achievements.
Achievement icon is silver by default, but turns gold when achievement is earned.
If the achievement has a special reward, the reward icon is displayed next to the achievement point info.
If the achievement has multiple completion conditions or rewards, detailed information is displayed under the detail section of the achievement.
Added a progression status bar for achievements with multiple completion conditions.
Added new skill tabs to skillbook.
All mounts have been moved to the Riding Skills tab.
All passive skills have been automatically moved to the Passive Skills tab.
The order of buttons in the Main Menu has changed.
Item Claim is now paired with Valkyon Outfitters, so you can buy your costumes and wear them too.


Decreased crafting difficulty of the Visionmaker set.
Increased drop rate of Shandra’s Quill by 50 percent.
Doubled drop rate of Visionmaker recipes. Cake recipes are still nonexistent.
Reduced cost of cyasmic oil from 850 to 600 points.
Reduced cost of chaos block from 12,000 to 8,400 points.
Kaia’s horn and Seren’s perfume can now be stored in stacks of 999.
Imp essence can now be destroyed.
Winged band now binds on equip.
Some riding skills have changed.
Death Charger is no longer awarded for the End of the Ride achievement.
Nexus Warhorse removed from the Agnitor stores.
Aeolian Zebra no longer drops in Balder’s Temple (hard) or Fane of Kaprima (hard).
Shadow Steed no longer drops in Ebon Tower (hard).
Aeolian Zebra can now be ridden by level 1 characters.
Common alkahest no longer drops from glyph boxes. These boxes now contain only refined or masterwork alkahest.
Animations have been removed from all bandages. Bandages now apply immediately.
Fae antidote dart, a quest item from “Faeries in a Fix,” is now discardable.
The price of Bahaar’s Spark of War increased to 3 gold, 21 silver.
The price of Kaia’s Acquiescence reduced to 32 silver, 10 copper. Surrender has never been so cheap.

System Changes

The background of the character selection screen now has a day/night cycle, which depends on when you log in to the launcher. Log in between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. according to your computer’s time, and your character screen will display a day background. Log in to the launcher between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m., and you’ll see the night background.
Added a feature to replay cinematics from the character selection screen.
The character creation screen has reordered the classes; also, you may now preview six outfits instead of just three.
Added a camera height adjustment option under Options -> Game -> Display.
Instance entrances are now marked on the world map and mini-map. Because there’s always that one player who rezzes and doesn’t know where to go.
Increased friends list size from 40 to 80. We can’t double your friends, however.
Trade and LFG chat channels are now enabled by default.
When a quest provides a temporary mount, the player will now automatically dismount when the mount timer runs out.
If you receive enough damage to kill you, the system will display, “Killed by [AttackerName]” rather than the damage numbers.
Personal chat channels now remain even if the player goes to the character selection screen and then back into game.

Alliance Is Coming

The federation is crumbling, and alliances are sprouting up around the world of TERA. Construction has mostly finished—you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the new halls!—but no one has moved in yet. You may also find some alliance UI additions, though these will not be functional until alliance content goes live.
Bugs Squashed

The wrong battleground screenshots no longer display in the Help Menu UI.
Dakona now consistently deals damage in Colossal Ruins.
Tezek’s thunder bolt trap now deals damage in Colossal Ruins.
Fixed the problem where you could not continue “Faeries in a Fix” without having completed the previous quest.
Now displays the correct error code when a banned player tries to run the client from the launcher.
Fixed the problem of the skill activation toggle remaining in the shortcut window even after the player has toggled that skill off.
Pet skill icons now gray out after the pet has despawned.
Fixed the problem of all chat channels inadvertently appearing in pop-ups.
Consumable item cooldown times now display correctly on the shortcut tray.
Fixed the problem where some premium item effect sounds were not being played.
Killian now consistently drops Killian’s Chain during the “An Offer You Can’t Refuse” quest.
The necromancer’s orb shard now consistently drops during the “The Deal of a Lifetime” quest.
Kelsaik effects now display correctly in Kelsaik’s Raid.
Players can no longer glitch through wooden fences in the Labyrinth of Terror.
Fixed the drop rate of master enigmatic scrolls in the Labyrinth of Terror (hard) and Ebon Tower (hard).
You may no longer progress the achievement for winning consecutive battlegrounds by logging out or being kicked out before the end of the match. Quitting isn’t winning.
Negotiations are no longer automatically, inadvertently cancelled.
Fixed the mismatched team sizes in Fraywind Canyon.
Emote animations no longer trigger when a portion of emote keyword is typed in chat.
Warrior’s Edge no longer requires a minimum value of five to execute on Kelsaik in Kelsaik’s Raid.
Fixed the problem of players resuscitating dead party members by abusing the member kick/re-invite function in Champions’ Skyring.
Player’s personal message no longer displays inadvertently in the Pet UI instead of the pet’s name.
Smilecracker effects now display when used on an NPC or another player.
Fixed achievement progress bars for achievements that allow the player to earn gold.
Fixed the terrain of Velika so players no longer break out of the map under certain video settings.
Dragons now land on the ground instead of mid-air when traveling from Zulfikar Fortress to Kaiator.
Draws now display correctly in the battleground record through battleground search.
Fraya and Akeldama no longer fight inside the walls during the “Unveil the Mask” mission quest. Worst next-door neighbors ever.
Textures now display correctly in the Frontline Underground Tunnel in the Khanovar Front region.
Fixed the problem of buggy character movement in some areas of the Hatchery in Val Palrada.
Castanic female characters no longer inadvertently fall from the ladder in the Hungry Caverns after arriving at the top. If you want them to climb again, you’ll have to ask nicely.
Fixed the battleground UI display when the player re-enters the Champions’ Skyring battleground after the end of the match because of a forced client shutdown.
Fixed the terrain of Nexus Traverse so players no longer break out of the map.
Quest tracker now correctly shows the rarity of the quest items.
Removed incorrect sea texture applied to some areas of Cutthroat Harbor.
Players can no longer collect more decryption devices than “Building a Mystery” called for.
Kaia’s skills now display correctly during the “Goddess of War” quest.
Kaia’s location during the last task of “Sikander’s Bane” is no longer obscured.
Frostreach sentinel no longer spawns underground in Tempest Reach.
Shadows now display correctly in Fane of Kaprima.
The background wall now displays correctly in the underground waterway of Balder’s Temple.
Players can now destroy the Night Mare and Sleipnir mount skillbooks. But don’t think it’ll help you sleep better.
Players can no longer walk through the rocks behind the fence at the Southern Pyre of Fraywind Canyon.
The Bellicarium credit merchant now displays correctly in major city guards’ dialog.
Instances now reset normally if a player with an ongoing instance quest exits, then reenters.
The focuscrafter NPC is no longer the quest NPC for some weaponsmith quests.
The relentless bloodclaw arachnens now aggro correctly at the entrance to the Hall of Shadows in Val Aureum.

Known Issues

Quests removed due to leveling changes are still displayed in the quest journal. You can manually drop these.
There is an overlapping checkbox in the Battleground Matching UI.
The tooltip for Warrior’s Blade Draw glyph incorrectly displays a four-point requirement. The requirement is five points. 

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