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Posted: 29th June 2013 by admin in Other Games
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More Value for Elite Status! – Starting May 5, elite players will find three spellbind boxes in Item Claim each month, in addition to the 10 strongbox keys, 30 traveler’s insurance sets, and 30-day village atlas elite players have always received. This brings the value of elite status to over $50 in items alone, and also provides the usual perks and a sample mount.

TERA’s Newest Mount? Munchhausen! – Just in time for TERA’s anniversary, the green troll, Munchhausen, has been added to the cash shop and comes with a nice perk; he grants MP regeneration just by riding on him. Starting Thursday, May 9, you’ll find Munchhausen, TERA’s anniversary mascot, available in the Mounts and Pets tab of Valkyon Outfitters.

But Wait, There’s More! (to Four to Score) – The Four to Score event began on May 9, and EME will be giving away 365 prizes to celebrate TERA’s birthday. For four days, from May 9-12, a daily task will be revealed just after midnight PDT.

Complete the day’s task before 11:59 PDT on the day it was issued to score one entry into the drawing. On May 13, 100 names will be drawn to win an Icegrip weapon skin and 265 names to win an Icetouch weapon skin.

Each successful entry will be verified the day after you complete the challenge, and your character will receive a challenge receipt in Item Claim. These challenge receipts are redeemable for extra goodies from Major Milestone NPCs in towns around Arborea on May 14. Winners will receive their prizes via Item Claim on May 13. 

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