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TERA’s political system has been launched and the voting phase of the first election will start in a few days. It is now time to unveil the details of what a Vanarch is, what kind of power he holds as well as the responsibilities each Vanarch will have when running his province. Are you ready to become the greatest leader the world has ever seen?

Conditions for candidates and elected Vanarchs

Since the political system is tightly linked to the guilds, the following stipulations apply for all candidates and elected Vanarchs:

  • You can only register one candidate per game account.
  • The candidates and elected Vanarchs cannot delete their characters during the whole election/ruling phases.
  • The candidates and elected Vanarchs cannot leave or disband their guilds, or delegate their guild master powers to someone else.
  • The elected Vanarchs cannot give up their position and have to set their ruling policies during their tenure.


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