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Interface character design may not be optimistic, but it’s 3D design effect is very good, by the vertical and horizontal directionsRuneScape distribution in global server over 170, most of them located in RuneScape Gold, their biological clock is contrary Oh, it claims to be an average of 50W of people online at the same time. Varrock ithas a unique user intimate design. Do not underestimate this point, in fact, often in detail to highlight the game designer intimate, more let players sticky.

RuneScape members the benefits are obvious, I just subscribed. My favorite mode of payment is a free game nail above the cash shop. This model I mentioned earlier, those crazy imported from Eastern Europe is still my favorite model. RuneScape model is so cheap, it’s easier just to spend $ 5 to $ 7 a month, not only won the game, but also to establish loyalty points. I can use these loyalty points costumes, special aura, expression, my monthly accumulated more points. There are many other sub-advantages, such as the removal of ads, full-screen mode, and be able to build a house, members only content and more of the game world.

I like to buy Runescape card, about every three months to the top of my subscription. Sometimes, these cards can be equipped with a special project, but it is usually best advantage is the Jagex to use these cards, will run a special additional experience or other bonuses. Despite almost exactly what I do not like the type of subscription, RuneScape is so good and so cheap, there is no question about it in my mind. I will occasionally spend money for custom game. 

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