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The discussion about the duel roles injury-free design adjustment. Vaneras:The duel roles Less injury mechanism of adjustmentIndeed, for some PVE skills with duel is not the most effective defense to the mix of skills seems to be a good idea.

In other words, we are considering joining some damage reduction, while minimal impact on PVE. Because the duel system originally was not prepared as the core of Diablo 3 Gold, so we are not prepared to launch a new complex system, but only by a few minor amendments to duel more balanced. So if there is a potential modifications will affect pve game, then we would not have to implement the changes. Therefore, only a few small will not affect the entire game system modification ultimately will be implemented.

First of all, in the course of the experience, the gamers need to concentrate on Diablo 3 Gold floor high-grade bright products. i63 bright products will become mature requirement of developing, produce need and value of dealings, the groundwork will have a higher rate and quality.

While for current develop system may need to also make some of the facts of the modification, for example, will be completely unique qualities becomes a 1-3 set real estate asset, then the staying real estate asset of unique, so to enhance the performance whole develop program in improving also difficult to gather Diablo 3 Gold components somewhat to make sure that the reasons for the income of the gamers. 

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