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The War for the Atlas is now live. To celebrate the release of the War for the Atlas expansion, the official website have released the Fire and Ice Mystery Box! It contains 38 new microtransactions, each imbued with either a fiery or arctic theme. This mystery box also introduces the very first golem microtransactions!

Each box grants you one random microtransaction themed as either Fire or Ice, with value equal to at least that of the box (30 points). The possible outcomes from your mystery box range in value from 30 points all the way up to 320 points! The average reward is worth 110 points, which is more than three times cost of the box. To see what microtransactions are available, you can visit the official website.

Path of Exile

What’s the deal

In the interest of being transparent, the official website is revealing the odds of each microtransaction in the box. They’re grouped into three rarities: Common, Uncommon and Rare. The microtransactions within each rarity are equally likely. Here are the odds of receiving a microtransaction from each rarity:

  • Rare: 20%
  • Uncommon: 35%
  • Common: 45%

They’re also sharing the prices of each microtransaction in the box to make it easier to decide whether or not you’d like to wait to purchase your desired microtransaction in the store later, or try your luck at getting it now from the mystery box!

The microtransactions contained in this mystery box will all be available from the store approximately one month after the Abyss League ends.

How to open your mystery boxes

After purchasing some Fire and Ice Mystery Boxes, you can find them in the Consumable section of the microtransaction stash in-game waiting to be unwrapped. Their new microtransaction system makes opening the mystery boxes and tracking their results a lot more convenient than before.

Note that these Mystery Boxes have random outcomes. Some items are rarer than others (as listed above). You are guaranteed to get an item that is worth at least what you paid for it (30 points) and it’s statistically more likely that you’ll receive something of higher value.

Outside of microtransaction value, there are no guaranteed outcomes. Duplicate items are possible.

Thank you so much for your continued support, GM2V will keep a close eye on the Path of Exile news.


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