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An adventurer is most at home when confronted with an unexplored dungeon. So, this week, we present one that is dark, mysterious, loaded with rewards and offering a surprise at every turn. Would an adventurer expect any less? But, in this sulphurous, highly flammable cave network, something more hazardous stirs. A mysterious entity lies in wait; urging you forward; hungry for revenge and fire. A foe such as this can’t be faced in a straight-up fight, so it’s only with ingenuity, guile and a heart of flame that you’ll come away unburned.

You’re not alone, though. Seven firemakers have heard that hidden knowledge – arcane secrets of firemaking – lie in the cave system, and they wish you to lead the way through the dimly lit depths. As their leader, your choices will determine whether they live or die. So, will you leave the caverns with a full complement of firemakers, or will you let death thin their ranks?

Bring light to the dungeon complex and you will reveal some of firemaking’s oldest and most illuminating secrets. Successful adventurers will gain XP; will be able to participate in two new circus events; and will have access to a new firemaking training method. There are also four new blazing pets to call your own. 

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