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Posted: 2nd July 2012 by admin in Runescape
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There are no skill requirements to enter the Guild, but to use its proper facilities, it requires the quest Buyers and Cellars to be completed. The guild is an excellent area to train Thieving even without the RS gold quest, and once the cellar is fully renovated it has a bank, general store, and an enlarged area. It is very useful compared to some other guilds. Funds are raised for the guild’s expansion and initial opening by illegal activities and capers. The guild is not labelled on the map except by the quest symbol on the map. The location makes it convenient as a banking facility (once all capers are completed) for Smithing, feather collecting, etc. To reach the guild, options include:

Lumbridge Home Teleport takes you just south of the furnace. Exit the courtyard of the palace to the east and walk north on the path. Lumbridge Teleport (Requires 31 Magic). Cabbage teleport using Explorer’s ring 3 then run east on the path towards Lumbridge. Amulet of Glory to Al Kharid then walk west to Lumbridge in Runescape. Amulet of Glory to Draynor Village then walk east to Lumbridge. Combat bracelet to the Champions’ Guild then walk south to Lumbridge. Teleport to Varrock then run south to Lumbridge (Requires 25 Magic). Exiting the shed in Lumbridge Swamp and heading north. Teleport to Varrock by use of the Lodestone

It seeks to build the Thieves’ Guild, where those of his profession can meet together and enjoy their passion. Enlisting the help of an adventurer, he directs the player to Chief Thief Robin waiting at the south wall of Lumbridge Castle. Robin then informs the player about the Golden chalice. It is currently in the hands of a priest in the Lumbridge swamp. The priest is very alert, so to distract him the player lights a fire outside the house. The old man becomes off guard and the adventurer steals the chalice from Father Urhney. thanks the player and sells the highly valued, RS gold object. Masters of thieving move in and buildings begin to be constructed. 

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