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Should the requirements of players, cross-server auction house will be available in the near future (new open 180 days will suit cross-server auction house).Cross-server auction this week will be if you can dream, absolute guardian two servers open experience:
When reach certain level can only be used when cross-server auction house, bar to open the cross-server auction houses by the lower right corner.

Cross-server auction auction items: only a few part of the items on sale: manual, golden amulet, a particular kind of props appearance.

Cross-server auction auction mechanism:
Stores items:
Can be after the auction items on auction items will be charge a fee, and a publication of the certain time period, the face of the public stage are explained simply.
Public issue: to display the time went unsold items, fair show period can’t participate in bidding.Everyday disguise points before 59 seconds on items can participate in the auction of the day, fair show period for the shelves at 19:00 at that night.18:30 points on daily items, will participate in the second day of the auction, fair show period for at 19:00 on date to the second day night.
The auction time:
On auction auction items have the third time: 1 day, 2 days, 3 days.
Important note:
Cross-server open auction auction house at 19:00 every day, as of the day the goods will go on sale in maximum settlement if no bidding behavior as a result, if the item deadlines 5 minutes once someone bid, will automatically be extended for 1 minute, bidding items will also be in the latest 23:00 settlement.
Cross-server auction
1. The use of currency trading.Opening bid only. No price;
2. Cross-server with lowest bidding auction house sale in articles;Regular items of the lowest started at 1000 days.
3. Cross-server auction shelves can choose different auction number of days, the longest for 3 days, if no one bid during the auction, you can cancel the auction at any time, if someone bid, cannot cancel the auction.Shelves in the days of bidding charge different amounts of cloud COINS as safekeeping fee, the safekeeping fee no matter whether finally clinch a deal is not refundable (cancel auction not refundable fee).
4. Cross-server auction stores items after clinching a deal will charge a transaction tax (currency), shall be borne by the seller.Cross-server auction normal rate is 8.8%, the current stage in order to encourage cross-server auction, the transaction tax is 5%.

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