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Classic RuneScape gold is encyclopedia – horizontal version of the martial arts page tour chaos Heroes everyone games in 2013 to build the next generation of star page travel products. The game will open on January 24. Martial arts to bring players the most rich wind, the largest the name Xia lineup, and most blood grievances of the rivers and lakes, the most happy Willful allies and enemies. Wonderful video and game real screenshot shock exposure Value privileges gift code spree will soon begin issuing in the major media, please pay attention to the media issued No. platform. Players in the game and many name Xia with them wherever they went, and eventually grow into Megatron great master of the martial arts.

The background of chaos Heroes “stories taken from classic novels. Players born in the city of Xiangyang, along with defenders heroes Guo Jing has opened a new chapter in the history of the chaos Heroes hegemony. Depth step by step with the story, with the brightest name Xia pains and sorrows disputes continue, you can not only experience as a single game a delicate rich story and exciting role to develop as many as 1308 martial arts arena name Xia for you to collect. You can close disciples of the heroes Guo Jing, Linghu confidante, writing for some of their own itinerant life in the game.

Especially noteworthy is the troubled times Heroes innovative career system settings, not only for the players to create the character design career branch and occupation, but also the players can recruit partners, so that players in the recruitment partner reasonable professional match. Game of set five career: the swordsmith, breaking the military, Seven Star, Hero, nameless, players can choose to create a role which three occupations: swordsmith, breaking the military, Seven Star, partner recruitment game is one of five Occupation in there.

Chaos Heroes is hoping to lead the players to enjoy the most authentic Oriental RuneScape Gold world. To this end, the graphic designer of the game are in reference to the original novel illustrations, classic martial arts film and television works, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan on the basis of martial arts anime, well-drawn game full of martial arts atmosphere depicting the original painting, allowing the player to the ground feel the atmosphere of the game in the martial arts, and provide a unique Chinese rivers and lakes experience for the majority of players. 

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