The value of buy wow power leveling

Posted: 16th March 2014 by sky shine in Other Games
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World of Warcraft level 90 character boosts will cost $60, developer Blizzard Entertainment did not want to diminish the value of buy wow power  leveling.

In terms of the pricing, honestly, a big part of that is not wanting to devalue the accomplishment of leveling.

If Blizzard wanted to sell as many level 90 boosts as possible, it could have made them less expensive, in the ballpark of $10 or so. But players might not level traditionally, through gameplay, if they could buy their way to the top for so cheap.

Overall, Blizzard’s goal with the level 90 character boosts is to provide busy players–those with family responsibilities or limited gaming time–a means to enjoy high-level content with one of their alternate characters.

Still, some players might see Blizzard’s introduction of paid character boosts as a signal that World of Warcraft is becoming more of a “pay-to-win” title instead of a progression-based game. This is not the case.

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