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RuneScape has announced four levels of participation in their Retro-Server in 2007. February 13, 2013 Alert details four levels. Retro-Server 50000 Runescape members vote in favor of RuneScape Gold, Jagex will establish the server requires an additional $ 15 per month membership to access them, the only important maintenance.

The Retro-Server 250,000 Runescape players vote for the 2007, Jagex will only be charged $ 5 a month to access the implementation of it should be basic maintenance, bug fixes and minor improvements, and possible combat botting problem.

500,000 Runescape players voted in favor, there will be no additional membership fee to access these servers, they will be subject to regular maintenance and some content updates. The old classmates 750,000 players vote for the 2007 server, the server will open a free agent, and ongoing maintenance, and players will be able to provide feedback and participate in the voting, the effect.

The voting was to start from February 15, 2013. All players have seen these server return nothing to lose, which is better so that they provide the players want to return later. Evolutionary battle will not be removed from the game. In 2007 the Retro-Server is proposed as an option Runescape players dissatisfied Exchange and the evolution of fighting. 

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