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According to British media, the daily mirror reported, the arsenal player Theo Walcott said in an interview, team’s current line of attack is most powerful in the history of the Club.


Along with Sanchez, Giroux, Cazorla and Chamberlain took off back injury the England Winger said their formidable achievements. In addition, he also called on his team-mates to prove how strong. After suffering a dismal start, arsenal only lost in the last 8 League 1 games, and in the last 3 games to zero sheets.

Team’s attack and defense as good as 2-0 beat Manchester City on Sunday’s game is very convincing. After missing nearly a year because of injury, Theo Walcott’s strike and now compared to when he first joined arsenal, Tiger is in a golden age when joining the Gunners.

Walcott said: “when I joined the Gunners team Pires, Ljungberg, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and Jose Antonio Reyes, attack is very powerful. I think the strike probably will beat this combo, but we first need to prove. ”

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