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Added in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, archaeology is a secondary profession that all WoW characters can pick up. It is a fun way to learn music from legends of Azeroth, and it is also a great way to pick up the unique animals, media, toys and gear heritage that you can send to your other toons. While it’s going to take some time to achieve the milestone of skills, no matter what, there are a few ways you can speed up the process of upgrading archaeology. Here are seven tips for archaeology major power leveling in World of Warcraft!
During your travels, you’ll be most of the time two actions, installing in place, and the survey. By binding to these actions 1 and 2 on your secondary action bar, you can shave a few seconds of time spent at each site.You searches may now follow the boundaries of the site of excavations on your mini-map. During the release of Cataclysm this feature was not yet available, and it is certainly a boon for the archaeology of leveling wow gold sale . Always keep your follow-up excavation site, and you will not have to play with the card at all times.
If you are a dwarf, the racial ability Explorer gives some really great archaeology benefits. You get to survey the rapid excavation sites, and you get the additional fragments of each excavation site. Will become an archaeologist? Dwarf by far is the race to choose when creating your character.If you have a little gold to spend, pick up keystones of the auction house to help you complete the fastest artifacts. Each key is considered 12 fragments of artifacts. Always be on the lookout for cheap Vault key on the AH while leveling archaeology!
With the fastest speed possible flying will certainly save you the most time while leveling archaeology in place. The gold you spend will be return on investment in time. If you have gold to sell, train speed of flight you can afford. Become exalted with your home faction to receive the maximum possible discount on your training.Try flying to choose excavation sites that are located near each other, and complete them in a circuit fast wow gold delivery until there is no nearby. For example, if you are in the Eastern Kingdoms, you can perform a circuit around the southern part of the map until a group of excavation sites appeared more in the North.
Set your stone hearth to Dalaran, and do not forget all the portals available in your hometown. You have easy access to the Outland via the Dark Portal that you can teleport to need to go to Kalimdor? Visit the Earthshrine and teleport to Hyjal or Uldum, or take the caves of time portal to Dalaran. To reach the Eastern Kingdoms, take the portal to the Highlands of twilight Earthshrine, or head of the Dark Portal. Earthshrine portals require you to do some quests before they become available to use, and come in very handy when the power leveling WoW archaeology. 

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