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About one week ago, anyone who calls themselves a Diablo 3 fan will be obsessing, twitching, and fending of panic attacks for the next week. I’ll be honest — I am struggling in my efforts to not completely freak out. While we have every reason to be excited, this week doesn’t have to be more slow or painful than any of the other hundreds of weeks that we’ve already endured patiently. If you’re finding it hard to get through the week and run out the clock until the Diablo 3 release date, consider trying these five ways to get your mind off the game, extinguish any nervous breakdowns, and pass the week quickly and pleasantly.

Getting immersed in your work can accomplish several great things for you. First, it can help you prepare for any Diablo-related absences, and it could even provide extra playing time in the future if the nature of your work allows you to work ahead. Second, it keeps you in good standing with your colleagues and coworkers, which might come in handy if you need to duck out later in the month for Diablo-related reasons. Third and most important, it gets your mind off Diablo 3, helps the week pass more quickly, and gets you calm (if not utterly bored) once again.

You’re probably planning on being seated for really long periods of time, and you’re also overly-excited about a release that’s still days away. Why not channel that nervous energy into something productive? If you get a little fitness into your final week of waiting, it might even help you stay up later, sleep more deeply, and offset some of those horribly sugary, salty, and cheesy snack foods that serve as mid-battle snacks. “Buffing up” isn’t just for Diablo avatars. The final week before Diablo 3 gold earning is an ideal opportunity to get some face time with your non-gamer friends and relatives, especially if you may be completely out of touch for the next month (or the next several months). 

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