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King’s Cup one-eighth-finals of a focused campaign, Atletico Madrid away 2-2, the Torres scored two goals, there is no doubt that was the star of the Madrid Derby, after “El Nino” in an interview, could not hide his delight when, “it was a fantastic day, very enjoyable day. ”

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Eliminated Real Madrid advance to the next round, Torres said: “we are happy, we should kick out your feelings, do not give real Madrid any chance. Make lightning goals from Atletico Madrid to play at your own pace, I don’t think we endure too much suffering in the race, it wasn’t easy at the Bernabeu. ”

Are afraid of being attacked by Real Madrid’s reversal in the race? Torres replied, “this is the Santiago Bernabeu, even if you scored a goal, and Real Madrid to score four goals. We will tie into halftime, Atletico Madrid against Real Madrid again after the gate. ”

In this game, gelieziman outstanding performance for Torres sends out two assists, Torres said, “should let him continue to grow and enjoy playing with him, he will become a key member of Atletico Madrid, and I will do everything I can to help him. ”

“I am very happy, this is my return to Atletico Madrid after the first two balls, the other in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and I have never been to a ball before. It was a fantastic day, enjoy the day. ”

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