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Transmogrification Rares for the Auction House
Elvine uses Twitch TV to livestream his World of Warcraft gold making routines. Â He loves transmogrification and credits Keelhaul with starting him on transmogrification gold. Â It was 6.00am where he was streaming, so he’s pretty dedicated to his stuff.
I had a lot of fun joining his livestream. Â He covered:
Farming AQ mobs
Farming rares for rare blues and gems for mogging
Setting selling prices for Mogging items
Searching for potential transmogrification gear on the Auction House
We had a lot of jokes about the Glorious Chest plate armor. Â Elvine keeps a pretty relaxed livestream.
Farming AQ Trash
When you get to AQ, keep going straight on into the 20 man instance, don’t turn right into AQ40!
Clear a few trash if you feel hungry, otherwise leave them and walk around.
Do not kill Kurinnaxx
Do not kill General Rajaxx
Turn right at Rajaxx’s Terrace, that’s north west, towards the Reservoir Area.
At the entrance to the Reservoir Area are a pair of Quiraji Gladiator mobs.
The Quiraji Gladiators, when killed, almost instantly respawn.
Ranged, you can step back one or two steps into the Reservoir to attack these, and bring them towards you. Â Melee you can stand on the edge of the doorframe. Â Step into the doorframe to aggro the instantly respawned pair, step back if you need a breather, to alt tab, make some coffee, loot your pile of dead mobs, whatever.
Kill, loot, kill, loot, kill loot, kill loot, kill-loot-kill-loot, kloot-kloot… until your bags are full.
Bring a Travelers Tundra Mammoth, Jeeves bot, MOLL-E or Argent Squire on pony in order to get rid of all the greys that drop.
After an hour or two of klootklootklooting, head into the Auction House and sell what you found.
Farli’s AQ20 Farming Guide
List of Green Transmogrification Gear Found in AQ
This is the mog gear I found in 45 minutes in AQ, whilst simultaneously chatting to Elvine and his viewers on his livestream:
Glorious Breastplate (worth at least a thousand gold)
Exalted Epaulets
Warleader’s Shoulders
Coif of Elemental Fury
Warstrike Legguards
Warleaders Crown
Lunar Wand
Eternal Cord part of Eternal Regalia
Blasthorn Bow
Sharpshooter Harquebus (a gun) 

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