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“Never provide me the odds” may be one of the best quotes from The Empire Strikes Back, but it’s not how most Pokemon Go players feel about catching rare and powerful Pokemon. In fact, not understanding the odds could be infuriating whenever a Venasaur or maybe a Dragonite pops outside of a Poke Ball for your tenth time, and that’s why Pokemon Go Hub is rolling out a calculator that can help players determine what their it’s likely that when they try to catch any Pokemon.

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The calculator is dependant on something referred to as the Grand Unified Catch Theory (GUCT), that is a surprisingly complicated formula that may into account the kind of Poke Ball used, the Pokemon’s species, the throw bonus plus more.

Using this formula, Pokemon Go Hub assembled an easy-to-use calculator that may show you how likely you’re to catch a Pokemon outside in the wild based on a wide variety of variables.

In order to view your percentage prospects for catching a Pokemon, you have to choose the Pokemon on the drop-down list, enter your trainer level, choose any relevant medal bonuses and note whether you threw a curveball or used a Razzberry. Click the Calculate button and you’ll see your chances to trap the Pokemon (determined by whether or not you find a catch bonus).

According to Pokemon Go Hub, “this may be the first Catch chance calculator using the correct formulas and probability.” Although its utility is actually comparatively limited, it may help you decide when you should use a Razzberry or risk a curveball throw.

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