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Posted: 17th January 2018 by sky shine in Path of Exile
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There are some players who appreciates the little details in the game’s design. According to the player’s comments about Path of Exile, I summed up some of their favorite thoughtful little details in PoE.

In act 4, Daresso’s Collosseum areas, there is a ghostly Merveil waving and throwing down flowers above each exit.

Finding doorways from Part 1 that are blocked off in Part 2, or finding new bosses where old bosses used to be, e.g. finding Nightbringer in front of Gravicius’s old tent. The Great White Beast from Act 2 turns into the Great White Bones in Act 7. Pale Blackguards where you killed Blackguard Elites in the first half of the game.

Path of Exile

Some players used to like the dead babies on Twilight Strand, but GGG replaced them with dead seagulls. They thought it was an excellent way to show how ruthless the place you were in was.

Music that deliberately share leitmotifs from previous areas. The first part of Daresso fight’s music is quiet and unremarkable, but it eventually picks up and turns into a sad tune that you find familiar from the previous area. Similarly, you hear pieces of the Act 8 town’s music in the Solaris and Lunaris fight. Shaper fight theme is very similar with Elder fight.

Most of the town vendors don’t acknowledge Sin’s presence and can’t seem to see him at all, not even Weylam who chills out right next to him– the only ones who do so are Yeena. It’s almost as if Sin is a hallucination or a holy vision.

some players love to see an animation of untainted paradises as the sun rises, over the animals, living in peace

I think you also have your own unique little details about PoE, if you’ve never tried this game before, you can have a try. As with all expansions, this one will be completely free. Additionally, keeping an eye to buy exalted orbs, you will get more gains.

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