WildStar Runecrafting Detail Guide

Posted: 3rd July 2014 by sky shine in Wildstar
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Runecrafting in WildStar is the only way to customize your gear, attribute-wise. Almost every piece of gear has rune slots where you can put runes, and each rune gives a certain amount of one attribute – primary or secondary and some even grant powerful bonuses. You probably completed level 15 quest for runecrafting after you had visited your capital city for the first time, but honestly, that quest doesn’t explain the rune system completely. So let’s go over it one more time.


Engraving Station
Everyone gets it at level 15, and there is nothing to level up, nothing to discover, no skill tree, talents, schematics… Pretty simple, craft and put runes in corresponding gear slots – fire runes into fire sockets, air runes into air sockets, etc. You do that at the engraving station in Illium/Thayd. Interacting with the station opens a screen with two tabs: Create Runes and Equip Runes.

Create Runes
There are 7 elements on the left side of the screen – Air, Earth, Fire, Fusion, Life, Logic and Water. Each element has six sub-groups:
Attributes – attributes only;
Class Rune Sets – attributes and class specific set bonuses;
Elder Rune Sets – attributes and role oriented set bonuses;
General Rune Sets – like Elder Sets but less rewarding and requires cheaper/more common materials to craft;
PvP Attributes – PvP offense or PvP defense attributes only;
PvP Rune Sets – attributes and set bonuses useful in PvP.


Select one element, its sub-group and a rune to craft it. Material requirements are displayed at the bottom of the crafting screen. You can’t see how many attribute points each rune gives (more about this later). Materials required for crafting are Elemental Signs and Fragments. They are world and dungeon drops, but you can also obtain them by salvaging gear, their tiers are connected with zone level. You can check them in your crafting bag (click on the hammer icon in the lower left corner of your inventory to open it).

The highest tier sign – Eldan Sign, is needed to craft Class, Elder and PvP set runes. It drops in veteran instances and raids. It’s important to notice that every attribute or set rune isn’t available to craft under each element; for example, Esper’s Concentrated Blades set runes are crafted only as Air, Fire and Life runes. In order to receive rune set bonuses, you have to equip enough runes for that set; required number is displayed in brackets for every set.

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