World of Warcraft Death System

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World of Warcraft character can also be resurrected as other MMOrpg. Once the character dies, he or she will be prompted with a dialogue box to “Release Spirit.” Pressing this button will instantly transport the player to the nearest graveyard as a ghost. During the death time, all items will lose 10% durability. But don’t worry, there are ways will bring you back to the world of living. Maybe you need some World of Warcraft gold to come back, do you have enough WOW gold? Check the three main ways to help you return to the living world.
How to resurrect?

The easiest way is returning to the immediate vicinity of your corpse will cause a window to appear with the option to come back to life. Simply push the button and you’re back.

There are four classes that can be resurrected with a spell. Shamans and Warlocks have spells to resurrect themselves, and Warlocks can even grant others this ability temporarily with a Soulstone. In addition, an engineer can use Goblin Jumper Cables to attempt a resurrection. You can be resurrected by these means even after you have released your spirit.

The dead character can also be immediately resurrected at the spirit healer’s location by the Spirit Healer who is located at every graveyard. But remember, choose this option, all your items will lose 25% durability, and this durability loss affects both your equipped items as well as those in your inventory. Also, you will gain a temporary condition known as resurrection sickness, which drastically reduces your stats. The duration for resurrection sickness scales according to level and has a maximum duration of ten minutes.
How to find your Corpse?

As a ghost, you will see an arrow on your mimimap shows the direction of your corpse. Once you get near your corpse, the arrow will turn into an icon showing its exact location.
How to revive as a Ghost?

You will see any enemies that are near your corpse, when you approach it. A dialogue box will pop up, asking if you are ready to be revived. You’ll then be able to pick a safe location near your corpse to come back to life. You do not have to reincorporate directly on the spot where your corpse is. Players will re-enter the world with 50% health and mana.
Resurrect in Dungeons

Once you die in an instanced dungeon, crossing the instance line into that dungeon as a ghost counts as reclaiming your corpse. But you can’t explore the dungeon in ghost form. Also, your ghost may not enter an instanced dungeon in which you do not have an active corpse.

Death is inevitable in this game, and you have to find an efficient way to resurrect. Do you need some WOW gold to help you revive? Buy cheap WOW gold here if you are shortage in game money. 

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