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Frost Mages get a completely re-designed (read: new) Mastery in the forthcoming Patch 5.4. It’s called Icicles, the old one is gone forever! The old mastery increased damage done by the Water Elemental and against frozen targets by +16%.

It was really worthless to pick Mastery on your gear as Frost.

Blizzard decided to implement this change, because Frost didn’t scale too well with gear, the second problem were mobility issues. To maintain raid awareness, you need to move a lot, which leads to DPS loss. With Fire Spec, you don’t have a single problem; you cast Scorch while moving and even Inferno Blast with instant Pyroblast! if you get a proc. This wasn’t the case with Frost. Even though Frost was doing very well at the beggining of the expansion up to 5.1, it has been on the decline ever since.

Throne of Thunder encounters offer vast versatility and require a lot of movement. You would probably be forced by your guild to go Fire, since it is way better than Frost at the moment, which is non-competitive. Siege of Orgrimmar is no different. We’ll see how Frost will be doing with the new Mastery changes soon enough!

Let’s now have a look at the special visuals the new mastery has to offer. Here is a screenshot of five stored icicles. Below that you will see a fulll video with the effects.

The video shows the whole visual. It doesn’t look bad to be honest, but it’s too glowy, maybe you will encounter difficulties in raid environments where too much’s going on and you’ll be distracted by it. Besides that you can’t turn this effect off, which is bad. 

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